Wafwp Collective Bargaining Agreement

On 14 april, 2021

We`re negotiating with the state. Are you going to help us send us a message? Send a letter to the representative of the state staff and to Governor Inslee`s office. 1) Extend our 2-year collective agreement with steps that will be maintained for both years. 2) Improve our CBA to ensure quality services and safe human resources. 3) Maintaining existing health conditions 4)Obligation to support income reform, billionaires hold accounts 5) Work with us to build a Washington that works for all, not just the rich few. Please stay abreast of a survey of upcoming trading sessions. Household items: We have extended some existing agreements with the State (Memoranda of Understanding), adapted the language of the contract to the new state law and corrected some typographical errors in our current CBA. Our state will not recover without state employees. We reminded the state negotiating team of the many sacrifices we have made to protect the people of COVID-19 and help correct the budget deficit. While we recognize budgetary constraints, the state cannot emerge from a recession.

It is a shared responsibility. Your government bargaining team met with management on Monday to discuss our 2021-2023 collective agreement. The agreement continues our annual efforts for the two years, preserves our health care at 85/15, extends our telework agreement and much more. The agreement will be put to a vote on accession for ratification next week. Stay up-to-date for a TA summary, full TA and more details on ratification. On Monday, our government bargaining team met again with management to discuss our 2021-2023 collective agreement. Below you will find a brief update with ways to help us reach a strong contract. Our negotiating team has reached an interim agreement (AT) for the period 2021-2023 on September 17. The negotiating team approves the treaty and asks you to vote yes. Our negotiating team continued negotiations with the state on Monday. Read on to learn more about what we discussed and how you can help us build a better future for government employees.

Our team negotiated Wednesday and late Thursday evening. We have additional agreements, including one that guarantees our annual increases.

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