Channel Partner Agreement Solar

On 8 april, 2021

To speak immediately to one of our solar energy consultants, call 888.554.9398 We want our channel partnership program to work for you. For more information, please contact us today! Thank you for your interest in becoming a partner of the SolarMaxx chain. Whichever program you choose, SolarMaxx guarantees maximum training, service and support. SolarMaxx is actively looking for new channel partners in India. Our network of channel partners has always been and has always been SolarMaxx`s core business. Each partner of the chain has an exclusive territory in which it operates and is responsible for the creation of its own independent company and operates there, while purchasing exclusively the products offered by SolarMaxx. Marketing our products through channel partnerships allows us to reach more customers and provide a fair income to our partners. We believe that our chain partners should receive all the revenue they generate as a result of their efforts. Our channel partnership program is more than just providing wholesale prices and basic product information.

Our chain partnership program includes: But have a common vision to advise their clients with the right solar advice that would help them achieve efficiency gains in energy supply and also improve their final results. To become a chain partner, you might be: Greenskies has considerable experience in financing commercial solar projects. Greenskies Renewable Energy, a company with Clean Focus, develops, builds and maintains clean renewable energy projects in the United States. Our mission is to ensure that custom solar solutions work with state-of-the-art performance and offer maximum savings to our customers. To become a partner of the SolarMaxx chain, please contact us. As India`s leading renewable energy channel partner, overcoming excessive business challenges and increasing conversion rates with the highest quality performance and delivery projects Greenskies has developed and built solar installations in different regions for municipal and commercial customers. Our extensive portfolio of more than 370 sites, covering a total of more than 220MW, includes small to large businesses, communities, non-profit organizations, hospitals and universities. Becoming a SolarMaxx business partner is quick and easy. At SolarMaxx, we believe that success depends on a qualified and competent distribution network to promote, use and support its products. To this end, SolarMaxx created the SolarMaxx Channel Partnership Program. The channel`s affiliate program provides access to comprehensive and dynamic services that ensure a successful partnership. As a SolarMaxx partner, you share not only our vision of clean sustainable solutions as an opportunity for the future, but also our commitment to becoming the market leader.

We in turn offer you an unrivalled and complete portfolio of solar photovoltaic panels, solar water heating, outdoor solar lighting and solar electricity solutions that offer your customers real lower benefits. Our domestic business partners, including Target, Walmart and Amazon, rely on greenskies to build, operate and maintain their solar power solutions. Whether you need to develop a solar project that`s ready, whether you`re looking for financing as a developer or EPC, or looking for help to grow your roofing business, you have a partner in Greenskies.

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